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How to Clean Window Screen Wire Mesh?

Nov. 12, 2021

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In daily life, most ordinary families usually choose window screen wire mesh when installing aluminum windows in order to resist the invasion of foreign mosquitoes while opening the windows for ventilation. But after a long time, it will inevitably accumulate dust and water stains, so how do we clean window screen wire mesh?


Different types of Window Screen Wire Mesh cleaning methods


Window screen wire mesh is the most thorough and clean if it can be disassembled and cleaned, which is mainly for sliding windows or fixed screens. If it is not easy to disassemble (such as the hidden screen in casement windows), it is not impossible to clean it. As long as you have a vacuum cleaner at home, the problem will be solved. Sliding window screens are easier to clean, just take the screen off and put it on. Hidden screens are not easy to take off, so you can just use a brush to brush the dust off the screen and then use a rag to clean it.


Specific cleaning method


1. First spread out the newspaper and paste it flat on the inside of the screen window and fix the edge with transparent adhesive.

2. Then use a vacuum cleaner with a brush head to vacuum against the outside of the screen.

3. After vacuuming, take the newspaper down and stick it on the other side, and do the same procedure again.

4. After that, prepare two wet towels with detergent, one for the inside of the screen and one for the outside of the screen, and wipe the screen synchronously.      

5. Wash the towel with water and repeat the previous action.


Note: The operation should be gentle during cleaning window screen wire mesh. Up and down, vertical and horizontal sweeping can be. After cleaning the window screen wire mesh, stretch the screen back and forth a few times to help the screen return to normal use.


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