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Architectural and decorative wire mesh panels supplier and manufacturer

Architectural decorative wire mesh panels are metal mesh products used in architecture and interior decoration. It can be made of various metals and is a new type of environmentally friendly decorative material.

There are various styles of decorative wire mesh, such as metal curtains (fireplace mesh curtains, chainmail curtains, chain curtains, etc.), woven meshes with various patterns, including wire mesh panels, screens, sheets, grilles (grids), etc. . .

Architectural wire mesh for hotels, restaurants and lobbies adds modernity, art and elegance to buildings and interiors, and also creates a comfortable environment.

Decorative metal mesh for outdoor use requires not only durability but also excellent corrosion resistance, especially in wet environments and near the sea. Architectural wire mesh panels used indoors are not only beautiful, but also artistic. Therefore, the material of the decorative mesh is particularly important.

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YingKang offers hundreds of styles of decorative and architectural wire mesh panels, check out all our popular products. Our products are not limited to these styles, YingKang offers various materials for architectural and decorative wire mesh, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper, phosphor bronze and other high quality alloy materials. In addition, we also provide a variety of styles and patterns to meet customer needs.if you want to customize, please contact our sales team, you can also send your design drawings, we produce according to your drawings.

Construction wire mesh is suitable for almost any construction project and can be used for:

carbon steel mesh

stainless steel wire mesh

Galvanized steel

Aluminum wire mesh

Bronze Wire Mesh

copper wire mesh

Brass Wire Mesh


As an architectural metal manufacturer, we provide architectural wire mesh that is beautiful, functional and economical. Some architectural wire mesh can be configured to withstand high winds and is one of the most effective forms of shading. This wire mesh is also suitable for high-traffic areas such as lobbies and inside elevators, as it resists scratches and dents. Architectural wire mesh can also be mounted on movable tracks or retractable attachments to create room dividers.

Architectural wire mesh application:

space mesh

textured wire mesh

wire mesh visor

Wired Security Screen

wire mesh room divider

Decorative Wall Mesh and Ceiling Mesh

custom wire mesh

Fill Rail Panels

Cabinet Inserts

Decorative wire mesh is a must have in the garden

Some gardeners use barbed wire to protect seedlings or keep chickens closer to home. However, this is just the beginning of how woven wire mesh can be used in the garden. Here are some other ideas:

A properly installed pest control net protects crops from pests like gophers and deer without the use of harmful chemicals.

Durable wire pots and towers can grow a wide variety of plants, including flowers, peas, and tomatoes.

Wire mesh privacy screens can be used as patio dividers, allowing light in while maintaining privacy.

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