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Security mesh

Security mesh, also known as security screen, its characters of esthetic beauty and fire-and-knife proof is making security mesh to replace the traditional iron grating for preventing burglary. In addition, not only keep thieves out from houses, security mesh can also be used as insect screens to separate flies and mosquitos.


Anhua is a manufacture and exporter for the security mesh, our security mesh is extensively tested for dynamic impact, knife shear, salt spray, hinge and lever tests by an independent NATA accredited facility and also meets the requirements for construction in bush fire prone areas. The superior 316 grade is a premium stainless steel mesh that is more resistant to corrosion.


• Mesh11x11, wire diameter 0.80mm(the most popular specification)
• Mesh10x10, wire diameter 0.90mm.

• Mesh12x12, 14x14 also popular sold in Southeast Asia. (Known as Safety Mesh)
• Sheet size: 750mmx2000mm (2400mm),
• 900mmx2000mm (2400mm),
• 1200mmx2000mm (2400mm)
• 1500mmx2000mm (2400mm)
• 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel with higher Ni (11%) content.
• Ultimate Tensile Strength minimum 950 mPa.
• Extensively tested for dynamic impact, knife shear and salt spray.
• A 10-year warranty on stainless steel mesh and PVC coating."
 • Packed in wooden box (free of fumigation.) every 50 sheets, water proof paper between each sheet.

Care & Maintenance

Regular washing with clean fresh water, contaminants such as salt, dirt and dust, which cause corrosion. The frequency for washing is shown in the following table

MildMore than 10km from coastal watersEvery 5 months
Moderate5-10km from coastal watersEvery 3 months
Marine1-5km from coastal watersEvery 2 months
Severe MarineLess than 1km from coastal watersEvery month

Physical damage to the black powder coating on the wire surface should be avoided.

Contact with dissimilar metals should be avoided, as this can cause galvanic corrosion.


Anhua warrants its stainless steel 316 security mesh to be free from any manufacture's faults or defects in its original condition and we will replace defective stock within 12 months of purchase date. An 10-year free of corrosion will be issued together with the shipped order.