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Fine Razor barbed Wire, high quality

Razor Barbed Wire is also named concertina razor wire, barbed wire fencing, razor ribbon, razor tape, is a new type of protective net. Razor Wire Coils is a kind of modern security fencing materials with better protection and fencing strength made of hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets or stainless steel sheets. The blade barbed wire has the beautiful of economy, practicality, good anti-blocking effect, and convenient construction. Security razor barbed wire has been widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, border posts, military fields, prisons, detention centers, and governments in many countries. for guard net of fence, doors and windows and also can be used in military. The specification can be designed as the customers' need.


Place of Origin: Hebei, China

Brand Name: YINGKANG

Material: Stainless steel, galvanized, PVC coated

Application: High Security Area

Feature: Protection Performance

Barb length: 1.5-3cm

Size: Non-standard:custom-made

Coil Diameter: 360-1000mm

Packing: Wooden cases, pallets


Razor Bade Type and Speciafication
Reference NumberThickness(mm)Wire Diameter(mm)Barb Length(mm)Barb Width(mm)Barb Spacing(mm)
Outside DiameterNo. of LoopsStandard Length per CoilTypeNotes
300mm334-6mCBT-65Single coil
450mm337-8mCBT-65Single coil
500mm5612-13mCBT-65Single coil
700mm5613-14mCBT-65Single coil
960mm5614-15mCBT-65Single coil
450mm568-9m (3 clips)BTO- type
500mm569-10m(3 clips)BTO- type
600mm5610-11m(3 clips)BTO- type
600mm568-10m(5 clips)BTO- type
700mm5610-12m(5 clips)BTO- type
800mm5611-13m(5 clips)BTO- type
900mm5612-14m(5 clips)BTO- type
960mm5613-15m(5 clips)BTO- type
980mm5614-16m(5 clips)BTO- type