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How is the Hexagonal Wire Mesh Installed?

Apr. 21, 2022

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal wire mesh is a one-time product. Except for the cover plate, the side plate, endplate, and bottom plate are inseparable. The interior is divided into separate units with a partition every 1m.


What is the weaving method of hexagonal wire mesh?

First of all, let us understand the installation nature of hexagonal wire mesh products. It is connected with side panels, end panels, and bottom panels, except for the cover. And it exists as an independent unit. And every meter is separated by a partition.


Assembly method of hexagonal wire mesh

The cover, side panels, end panels, and bottom panels are assembled by hand after independent production. The final shape is box-like. Each part is tied with spiral steel wire. The side wires of the hexagonal wire meshes are made of thicker wires because they can enhance the strength of the hexagonal wire meshes.

The folded hexagonal wire meshes are placed on a flat surface. These folds are then flattened. The front panel, back panel, bottom panel, and divider are installed in the specified position. Finally, a box hexagonal wire mesh structure is presented. This is followed by the installation of the adjacent hexagonal wire mesh box.

The top and bottom corners of the two hexagonal wire mesh boxes are connected with double strands of wire. Tie the upper and lower boundary lines or fold lines. Tighten the joints with spiral fixing wires. If there is any unevenness during installation, you can flatten it first before installation. Make sure that the sides of each panel are fully assembled with the partitions. Keep the surface of the hexagonal wire mesh flat. And the installation position is reasonable.


Hexagonal wire mesh tightening process

Connect the edges of the hexagonal wire mesh to other cable ties or metal cable ties. The maximum distance of the bundle is 100mm, which can be changed flexibly if there are special standards. The long tying wire is wound along the edge, either single or double strands. It is recommended to use pliers for assembly to make the structure stronger.


Handling of hexagonal wire mesh after installation

After installing each hexagonal wire mesh, place the hexagonal wire mesh in the designated position. The hexagonal wire mesh pads are then joined together. To maintain the overall structure and facilitate the connection, the hexagonal wire mesh structure is then filled with stones after it is completed.


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