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Aluminum Wire Mesh

Feature: Fire Proof, Flat Weaving.

Mesh size: 18x16, 17x14, 14x14 etc.

Length: 2.5m-100m

Width: 0.5m-1.6m

Packing: plastic bag/carton.

Certificate: ISO9001, ISO18001, ISO14001

Production Capacity: 1x20' container per 20 days.

Loading port: Xingang Port, China.


Aluminum Wire Mesh

Brief introduction

Aluminum Wire Mesh is strong and long-lasting life. Aluminium Insect Mesh is a very fine mesh screening manufactured from woven aluminium wire. Ideal for attaching to frames, windows and doors  where the mesh will be required for many years. 

Aluminium-magnesium alloy window screen is woven by aluminum alloy wire  containing magnesium, also known as "aluminium-magnesium alloy window screen", "aluminum window screen", the color of aluminum alloy window screen is silver white, corrosion resistant, suitable for use in wet environment.  Aluminum alloy window screen after coated with epoxy resin paint, can be coated into green, silver gray, yellow, blue and so on a variety of colors, so it is also called "epoxy resin paint aluminum window screen".  Aluminum alloy window screen coated with epoxy resin paint is a high-grade product, mainly sold to the United States, Europe and other areas.

Main features of aluminum mesh

Good strength, good weldability, acid and alkali resistance.

Significant resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

High conductivity.

Low melting point of 1220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lighter weight than steel, copper and brass.

Easy to use for forming and bending.

The cost is lower than stainless steel.

Maintenance free.


People tend to use aluminum wire mesh because it is light and strong. This material is key to the manufacture of many vents, fan guards and filters. In addition, the aluminum fan cover keeps birds, bats and snakes out.

Aluminum is a common choice because of its relative affordability, and its price is lower than some other metals. Its high electrical conductivity makes it ideal for a variety of applications and resists corrosion under most normal conditions.

 Widely used in home decoration, mosquito prevention, building doors and Windows, all kinds of high-grade net cover Y receiving signal, etc.  

Technology and Specification

Product NameSpecificationElucidation
  Aluminum wire meshMeshWire diasize1.Strong, robust insect screen2. Ideal for cladding systems3. Provides protection from wasps, flies and mosquitoes4. Can be cut to size using a knife5. Ideal for use as a soffit mesh and to limit insects into air intake systems and ventilators6. Different color7. Different Width
Material Al-mg alloy or pure aluminum Painted aluminum wire netting epoxy resin pain
usageDoor and Window Screen,Filter.
PackingInside with Water-proof paper outside with plastice film , then packed with wooden case or wooden pallet.
Special size can be made according to customers require
DeliveryDelivery: 20days, according to specification and stock

Aluminum mesh is used in many industries, including construction, aerospace, marine, industrial, and custom manufacturing. Contact us and we can advise on which type of metal mesh should be used for your project.